Dice Throne: Season Two!

Created by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

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Dice Throne Graphic novel KS launches!
9 months ago – Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 12:58:51 AM

Click image to go to the campaign
Click image to go to the campaign

 Dice Throne: Way of the Gun has officially launched on KS today. 


If you like comic books and want to explore the lore of Dice Throne check it out! 

And just to be clear on a few things. 

1- This is not a Roxley produced book. I (Manny) am producing it from start to finish. 
2- It does not have any game related perks. So you won't find promo cards, new heroes, etc. It's just pure story fun! 
3- Make sure to contact me via that KS if you have any questions. I'll be around here too to check if there are any questions.

I hope you check it out and share it around. This is volume 1 of 4 in what I believe will be an epic journey through the Mad Kings world!

Status Report - 2018.08.13 - LAST CHANCE TO ORDER EXTRAS! Billing for shipping & addons August 22!
9 months ago – Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 01:57:35 AM

TL;DR - BackerKit payment processing for any owed shipping and add-ons will occur on August 22, 2018. You can still add to your order by accessing your survey! Also, click here to join us at a convention.

Manufacturing Update

Season Two factory samples!
Season Two factory samples!

Manufacturing continues and is going great! All components have been approved and are being produced with the exception of the Seraph Dice (which we have asked for color adjustments on). Above is the current manufacturing schedule. We are trying to be as conservative as possible with this schedule, but please be aware that this can still change if there are unforeseen challenges, errors, or delays outside our control. 

We are doing our very best to deliver the game to you on time and of the quality you deserve.

Payment Processing - August 24, 2018    

On August 24, we will be processing payment for all preorders, owed shipping, and add-ons. This means you have a little under 2 weeks to change your order. 

On August 24th, your card will be charged in the amount owed (in Canadian dollars) indicated on your survey.

Can I still add to my order?

YES. Simply click the link in the original survey email and you can adjust your order from there.   

If you don't have the original BackerKit email any more:

  • visit https://season2.backerkit.com/ 
  • you will see a "Lost Your Survey" text box. Type in the email address associated with your Kickstarter account.
  • click "Get My Survey"

Can you process my payment sooner?

YES. If you would like us to process your order immediately, please fill out this form and we will process your payment within 72 hours.  

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please email ks@roxley.com.

Join us at PAX West over Labor Day in Seattle, WA, USA?

Join Team Dice Throne at a Convention!

We are looking for some additional volunteers to join us at PAX West over Labor Day weekend (8/31-9/3), but also happy to have new signups for any major convention. Interested? Please fill out this form!

Click to join Team Dice Throne at a convention!
Click to join Team Dice Throne at a convention!

Keep rollin' Ultimates,  

Gavan, Nate, Manny & Team Roxley

Status Report - 2018.07.30 - Gen Con: come say hi at Hall J - booth 531! Sample unboxing live!
10 months ago – Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 01:43:26 AM

TL;DR - We will be at Gen Con, Hall J - Booth 531.  Come say hi!  We will be broadcasting an unboxing of the first full sample live from Gen Con hopefully Thursday.

Gen Con

All of our team is heading to Gen Con this week! Stop by Booth 531 in hall J so that we can personally thank you for backing Dice Throne Season Two!

We will have a few samples of playmats and card sleeves at the booth and by end of day Saturday we will have samples of a full battle box.  

If you have friends that are going, please tell them to stop by our booth and learn about Dice Throne!

Sample Unboxing - Live Broadcast

Our manufacturer is sending us a full set of samples to Gen Con! We will be broadcasting this live on Facebook. Don't use Facebook?  No worries, we will also rip the video and repost it to youtube to share in our next update!  

To be notified when we go live with the unboxing, join our Dice Throne Community page on Facebook

Manufacturing Update

Manufacturing of many of the parts is underway.  

The current schedule still looks like this:  

  • August / September: Production  
  • October / November: Freight  
  • Late November: Fulfillment

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please email ks@roxley.com.  

Keep rollin' Ultimates,  

Gavan, Nate, Manny & Team Roxley

Status Report - 2018.07.17 - Season Two complete, manufacturing has begun! Season 3 brewing.
10 months ago – Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 01:45:47 AM

TL;DR - All files have been submitted to the manufacturer & manufacturing has begun!  We are still waiting on the full set of hero samples. We are still on schedule for November delivery.

Full Hero Samples

We have a bunch of new samples coming this week, including a full set of hero samples.  We will do an unboxing video of these and post them to the Dice Throne Community Facebook page.

Season Two Rulebook

Download the new rulebook at rules.dicethrone.com
Download the new rulebook at rules.dicethrone.com

The new rulebook is complete! Thank you to the HUGE number of people that helped this to be a great success, with a special shoutout to Simon Rourke, Aaron Hein, & John Heidrich! As always, you can download the latest version of our rulebook at rules.dicethrone.com.

Manufacturing & Schedule

All files have been submitted for manufacturing and we have given them the go-ahead to start producing!

The tentative schedule looks like this:

  • August / September: Production
  • October / November: Freight
  • Late November: Fulfillment

So as of this moment, we are still fully on schedule for delivery by the end of November. There are a lot of potential things that can happen between now and then, but we will do our absolute best to minimize the probability of delays. All major design challenges have been addressed and solved.

Season Three: It's Party Time.

Welcome to the first of a series of behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of Dice Throne Season Three. Nate and Manny are hard at work crafting up an experience that is both unique and familiar to our fans. Together they've created something that feels just like Dice Throne, but will be so much more.  

There is no release date yet, but know that Season Three has been seen on tabletops at secret locations. Dice have been rolled and fights have been won. We can't wait to share more over the coming months as we head towards the most ambitious campaign in Dice Throne history!

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please email ks@roxley.com.

Keep rollin' Ultimates,  

Gavan, Nate, Manny & Team Roxley

Status Report - 2018.07.01 - Vampire Lord revealed! Manufacturing to begin soon!
11 months ago – Mon, Jul 02, 2018 at 01:42:19 AM

TL;DR - To our Canadian Backers, Happy Canada Day!  Files are nearly all submitted to the manufacturer.  We are waiting on hero samples and still requesting tweaks here and there from the manufacturer. Vampire Lord Revealed below!  

Vampire Lord

Bio:  The Vampire Lord's power paralyzes even the bravest fighters. No combatant is more vicious. Her rending claws will leave her foes bloody and hemorrhaging. Attempting to resist her mesmerizing gaze or overcome her powerful blood magic will prove deadly for any foolish enough to oppose her!

The Vampire Lord is fueled by her insatiable need for Blood Power. And when she uses that power she is a terror to behold! Whether she is bleeding her enemies, mesmerizing them, drawing more cards, boosting damage or draining the life from her foes to replenish her own health, she is not to be underestimated!  

Vampire Lord: Click to embiggen
Vampire Lord: Click to embiggen

Graphic Design

We are nearly complete on all graphic design. Nearly all files have been submitted to the manufacturer. The remaining tasks are:

  • Battle Chest Box Bottom
  • Finalizing Achievement page of the rulebook
  • Rulebook tweaks

Hero Samples

We are awaiting the creation of the hero samples. We want to test them out in the flesh before we approve everything.   We will be doing an unboxing of these when we receive them.  Make sure you join the Dice throne Community Facebook Community to see the live unboxings!  We will post the link in the Community group a few days before!   We will also post the unboxing videos in the next update.


The draft of the graphic version of the new rulebook is now complete.  Our playtesting group will provide feedback on it in the next few days.  Once we make these alterations, we will send out a special update to backers to view the near final draft.  We will also link a feedback form to allow for final suggestions and corrections. 

Dice Manufacturing has Begun

The factory has begun manufacturing of the Champion Dice for the Samurai, Gunslinger, Artificer, and Cursed Pirate. The dice manufacturing represents the longest production time, so these need to be done first.

Happy Canada Day

From Roxley, the Canadian half of Team Dice Throne, happy Canada Day!

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please email ks@roxley.com.

Keep rollin' Ultimates,  

Gavan, Nate, Manny & Team Roxley