Dice Throne: Season Two!

Created by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

A heart-pumping, fast-playing game of skilled card play & dice manipulation that will have your game nights cheering!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Status Report - 2018.04.12 - BackerKit goes live tomorrow! Battle Chest concept preview!
9 months ago – Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 01:29:51 AM

TLDR; BackerKit is ready. It is being reviewed by BK staff and will be sent tomorrow. The details are not completely finalized for the BattleChest, but there is a preview below.

BackerKit goes live tomorrow!

Team Roxley has finished setting up the BK surveys. Before the survey is sent out however, BK requires that it is reviewed and approved by one of their staff members to ensure that we have not made any errors in the setup.

We hope to have approval from them within 24 hours. Once we receive approval to launch, we will send out the survey immediately.

While many of you may have previous experience with BK, this may be the first time for some. Both BackerKit and our support staff are here to help you out.

What happens when we launch the surveys?

  • 1. Receive survey via email: Shortly after we launch, you’ll receive an email from us with a special link to your BK survey. 
  • 2. Complete survey: Answer the questions about your reward preferences.
  • 3. Provide shipping info: Tell us your shipping address so that we can send your games in November. If you are moving between now and then, no problem! You can always go back to your survey with the original link and edit your address. 
  • 4. Select Add-ons: If you want to add something to your pledge or buy a copy of Dice Throne for a friend, you can do so in the Add-on's screen.
  • 5. Enter payment info: If you owe anything extra for shipping, you will be asked to submit payment information.
  • You don’t need to create a BackerKit account to fill out your survey. When you receive the email with the survey, click the survey link to respond.
  • If you used your Facebook credentials to log in to your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey is sent to the email address you use for your Facebook account.

Can I upgrade my pledge?

Yes. When you receive your email from BK tomorrow, you are able to upgrade your pledge (as long as you backed the project at any of the offered reward levels). To do this, simply click the "switch your pledge" link shown on the first screen (see below):

The BattleChest

We have been working closely with the manufacturer coming up with all sorts of designs.  We heard from you folks that you wanted a single box with maximized usability. We have arrived on a design that is feasible, beautiful, compact, and maximizes usability. This design is not fully complete. We must stress that the look and physical design may change between now and fulfillment. We are extremely happy with how this box has come together so far.

If you are a Season Pass backer, There will be an option in the survey to upgrade to the BattleChest shipping option for an additional $10 USD. Epic and Legendary Backers are receiving the BattleChest, but also get a free third play mat as a reward for eco-friendly shipping. You do not have to do anything special for this, we have configured the survey to make it simple! But if you prefer to opt-out of the eco-friendly option (and forfeit the free playmat), there is an option to do so.

Pre-orders launch this weekend

If you have a friend who missed out and they want to get in on the hotness of Dice Throne, they will be able to pre-order through BackerKit by visiting https://season2.backerkit.com/. The prices are not as awesome as being a backer, but you still get access to the same items and receive rewards at the same time as backers.


Once we have confirmed that there are no issues with the Backer surveys, we will launch the retail surveys for the retailers who signed up during the campaign. Depending on how things go, this may happen tomorrow. Otherwise, it will happen early next week.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at ks@roxley.com. 

Keep Rollin' Ultimates, 

Gavan, Nate, Manny & Team Roxley

Status Report - 2018.04.05 - Backerkit survey sendout pushed to April 12, 2018. New art stream Monday April 9.
10 months ago – Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 02:01:16 AM

TL;DR - Due to a few factors, we will be pushing the survey send out to next Thursday instead of tomorrow.  Manny to do art stream of card sleeve creation at Monday, April 9th, 8pm pst.

BackerKit Surveys

Roxley's logistics director, Adam Wyse, has been working hard to set up the surveys. Between the 5 shipping zones, the setup of this BackerKit is quite complex.  By far the most complex survey/addon store we've set up to date. This is nothing we can't handle, but we do really need to ensure we do it right.

At this moment there are a few things left to do:

1) Testing correct setup - We are nearly done with the backend setup. We still have to test all of the pledge levels out, as well as ensure we have artwork applied to each of the add-ons and pledge levels so they are easy to understand. 

2) Sleeve/playmat artwork completion - Manny has been cranking out artwork like a maniac.  It's all looking really amazing as usual.  As he completes the character art, he is handing them off to Gavan, who applies some graphic design to them.  Damien Mammoliti has been providing awesome line art for the background images.  Manny is now done with all the character illustrations for the playmats and is now half done with the card sleeves.  Gavan and Damien are about half done with the graphic design portion for the playmats.

Sample of Playmats (Barbarian and Moon Elf)
Sample of Playmats (Barbarian and Moon Elf)

3) Battle Chest quotation - We have finally arrived on a battlechest design that we are extremely excited about. We are currently awaiting a finalized quote from the manufacturer on it to ensure we know how much extra we need to charge for people who want to upgrade their Season Pass to the Eco-Friendly Battle Chest option. We also need to create some sweet looking renderings for them to present with the survey. 

Due to the 3 factors above, we have decided to push the survey send out until next Thursday, April 12.  


Enjoy some more playmat and sleeve art. 

A Sample of more playmats (Pyromancer and Vampire Lord)
A Sample of more playmats (Pyromancer and Vampire Lord)
Sample of art for card sleeves
Sample of art for card sleeves

Manny Live Artstream

Next Update

The next update will be on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at ks@roxley.com.  

Keep Rollin' Ultimates,  

Gavan, Nate, Manny & Team Roxley

Status Report - 2018.04.01 - Work continues. Pledge manager survey coming April 6
10 months ago – Mon, Apr 02, 2018 at 01:53:02 AM

TL;DR - Final development continues as pledge manager is on track to be sent out by the end of the week. We will be offering a Season Pass Eco-friendly shipping option.  Surveys will be sent out for the Pledge Manager on April 6.

Season-Pass Level - Eco-Friendly 

Note: The following does not apply to Epic or Legendary Collector Tiers

During the campaign we had many people ask if they can get an eco-friendly option where they could order the large battle chest box instead of the 4 separate battle boxes.  Some have asked "well isn't the battle chest just a box?".  The answer to that question is: no.  We want the battle chest to provide additional functionality and display the new vac trays in a way that maximizes usability.   As such, the Battle Chest box will be more expensive to both manufacture and ship than a single BattleBox.  As such our objective is to provide an eco-friendly Battle Chest addon option for Season Pass  holders at a discount from the $25 usd price tag.    

We will call this something like "Season Pass Eco-Friendly Battlechest" that you may upgrade to.  There will be an additional cost to this, but it will be lower than simply adding on a Battle Chest.

We are working toward a Battle chest design for it this week that is really quite cool and works well with the new GameTrayz.  A mock up and further details will be revealed when we launch the pledge manager.

Pledge Manager

Over the last week, our team has been working on logistical analysis to ensure that we have all the correct pricing in place for retailers, as well as what to charge for Eco-Friendly shipping.  Our plan is still to launch the pledge manager and survey on April 6.

Bonus art!

Here is a work in progress playmat for the Huntress. She's neat.

Huntress playmat art (work in progress)
Huntress playmat art (work in progress)

Next Update 

The next Dice Throne Update will be sent Sunday, April 8, 2018. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at ks@roxley.com. 

Hoppy Easter Everyone, 

Gavan, Nate, Manny & Team Roxley

Status Report - 2018.03.25 - Survey (Pledge Manager) coming April 6
10 months ago – Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 01:12:45 AM

TL;DR - Manny has returned from GAMA and our team is working hard on artwork, graphic design, rulebook, and gearing up for the pledge manager. Surveys will be sent out for the Pledge Manager on April 6. 


This week our team went over the 2018 rulebook draft in great detail. We discussed possible changes that will resolve basic commonly asked questions like "Can you use evade AFTER rolling for defense?" or "Does X stop/reduce the damage from an ultimate?" to more advanced rules for tournament level play. Our objective is to make the rulebook more robust, not only teaching you the game but also answering the most commonly heard questions about Season 1. 

Remaining Art

 Manny and Nick Malara continue to work on illustration. We will reveal more as we complete these. Over the last week, Manny has been working on play mat illustrations. We are still working on the background graphic design for these, but they will be revealed soon.

(Hero art is final but overall graphic design is still work in progress)
(Hero art is final but overall graphic design is still work in progress)

Pledge manager

We have set a date for the pledge manager survey send out: April 6. We believe this will give us enough time to ensure all our ducks are in a row including presenting a proposed design for the Battlechest box. Retailers - Adam and myself went over everything in fine detail for our final specs for the game and we have a draft of what we are offering to retail backers. We will reveal these details closer to when we launch the pledge manager.

Next Update  

The next Dice Throne Update will be sent Sunday, April 1, 2018.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at ks@roxley.com. 

Keep Rollin' Sixes, 

Gavan, Nate, Manny & Team Roxley

Status Report - 2018.03.18 - GAMA Show & The Way Forward
10 months ago – Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 01:39:38 AM


TL;DR (too long; didn't read synopsis) - Manny was at GAMA all last week, response was awesome.  Text only version of the new 2018 rulebook in in the works.  Target deadline for manufacturer file submission is mid-May 2018.  We will be using BackerKit as a pledge manager (target survey date: March 30).  Retailer pledge details coming soon.

Status Reports 

Welcome to the first of many Roxley-style status reports.  From now until you receive your games, you will receive a report like this every two weeks.  However, toward the beginning of the campaign and closer to fulfillment, we actually send them out more frequently (usually 1 per week).  

GAMA Trade Show

Some of the team got to celebrate the Kickstarter with a few days rest. Everyone except for Manny Trembley, who had to immediately jump on a plane to Reno where he demoed Dice Throne for retailers and distributors all last week at GAMA.  We are very grateful for Manny's unrelenting efforts to make Dice Throne a big success, not just in Kickstarter, but in the the FLGS as well!  Retailers are very important to us, so we were super excited to hear that there was a TON interested in Dice Throne!  

2018 Rulebook Revisions

Simon Rourke, the editing talent behind the tightly written Santorini and Brass rulebooks, has joined forces with Aaron Hein, Gavan Brown, and Nate Chatellier to edit the Dice Throne Rulebook going into Season Two and beyond.  To be clear, we are not making any actual changes to the rules, we are trying to compress and to clarify them where we can to alleviate many of the questions that we've seen since the release of Season One.  Once we have completed the new ruleset, we may invite members of the community to take a read through them.

Remaining Art & Preparing for Production

Our team is gearing up this week for the pushing to get the heroes and files ready for production at the factory.  As hero art is completed, we will be revealing it.  Still to be revealed are Huntress, Seraph, and Vampire Lord.  Manny and Nick Malara will be working hard on these in the coming weeks.

Our tentative deadline for all files to get to the manufacturer for production is mid-May 2018.  

Pledge Manager - Backer Kit

I'm new to Kickstarter, what is a "pledge manager"?   Now that you have backed the project, we will send you a link to a survey, which will allow you to input your shipping address so that we know where to send your reward.  It will also allow you to change your pledge, and add more things on to your pledge.  All available add-ons and options will be described in more detail there.  You will be able to change your shipping address in the pledge manager at any time right up until when fulfillment begins.

We have decided we will be using BackerKit as a pledge management service for this campaign.   BackerKit is one of the industry leaders in pledge management services.  They take user security and privacy very seriously, and their interface for both creators and users is amazing.  

When will I receive my pledge manager survey?  We do not rush the pledge manager setup, as it is a massive headache to undo mistakes.  As such we will taking our time and making sure everything is setup properly and tested in order for us to reduce the probability for error.  Our target date for Pledge Manager survey send out is March 30, 2018

Errored / Dropped Pledges

A few of you have received an email from Kickstarter saying there was a problem with your payment, and that you will be dropped.  This is totally normal and happens with every Kickstarter campaign.   If this happens, do not panic.  We've got you covered and you will be added to the pledge manager as a backer!   Simply email us at ks@roxley.com and we will make sure you are taken care of.

Retailer Pledges

We are this week working out the numbers based on the final specs of the game offered so that we can figure out the pricing details on retailer pledges.  Thanks so much to all the participating retailers for your patience.  

Season One - Early Shipping Requests

We have had a lot of requests from people on whether or not their copy of Season One addon can be shipped early.  This should be possible in most areas, however we will of course have to charge an additional shipping wave fee.  For example, in USA & Canada it should be a non-issue.  In other countries there will be a ton of logistics required, so we need to discuss and plan it carefully with our fulfillment partners before making promises.

Next Update

The next Dice Throne Update will be sent Sunday, March 25, 2018.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at ks@roxley.com.

Keep Rollin' Sixes,  

Gavan, Nate, Manny & Team Roxley